Wheelie Boyz is a creative platform and movement created by Urban Mckenzie, a 21-year-old well-known rider and wheelie advocate from Bristol. Urban is known for his Wheelie Wednesday clips that show his long distant wheelie across Bristol.

Wheelie Boyz showcase riders performing stunts and tricks in different locations of Bristol. These riders belong to a larger collective of both female and male riders ageing from 11 to 23 years old.

Working collaboratively alongside Urban Mckenzie and other riders brought forth an element that I, as an outsider, could not provide. Allowing the riders to take their own photographs created a three-dimensional view of how they see their lives, their surroundings and the city they live in.

This project not only documents the riders passion and love for riding. But it also gives you an insight into their community. A community created by the next generation that shows the importance of friendship, diversity and inclusiveness. They are more than just a group of kids and young adults, they are family.

This is just a summary of the Project. If you would like to look at the whole body of work email me at untlfilm@gmail.com.